Where is Heliostatix headquartered?

Heliostatix is headquartered at 6305 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD, 20770.

What services does Heliostatix offer?

Heliostatix offers services such as microbead formulation, special orders of any of our products, drug delivery system consulting, and carrier molecule complexing. Heliostatix has a focus on implementing recent scientific breakthroughs into consumer products, and offers consulting to companies who want our assistance with their drug delivery systems and biotechnology.

I’ve seen your company name on other products, does Heliostatix have any other products?

Heliostatix consults with multiple companies to provide assistance with their drug delivery systems. Any company that has consulted with us or used our technology to produce or improve their product will display our logo on their packaging.

What type of company is Heliostatix?

Heliostatix is both a biotechnological consulting firm and a medicine/supplement manufacturer. In addition to our LumenPro line of products, we have consulted with various companies and have our logo branded on these products. Heliostatix primarily works with drug delivery systems.

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